It’s never too late to be happy…in this moment!

Inspiring individuals and couples to find their truth. To own it, accept it, and follow it through:

Are you searching for or going through:

Have you checked off all the “boxes” but still feel dissatisfied or like there is something missing?

Challenging emotional states such as these, demand decision and action. The solution is already within you but it’s hidden.

This is where our programs come in.

Through psychotherapy sessions, private individual and couples retreats, and group courses, your truth gets revealed by peeling off the layers of accumulated habit-patterns which keep it buried.

Our experiential work integrates age-old teachings with cutting-edge theories and methods, setting you on a journey based on your own, unique, individual truth.


“Yolanda Koumidou is the best therapist I have ever experienced or met.’’ – B.F., CEO

“Twenty times more valuable than a ski vacation…. Should be taught to every couple who cares about one another and themselves. Extremely helpful. More than an investment. A gift.” – Paul

“Profound spiritual experience that put me on a path of more in depth learning for my personal and professional life. Eternally grateful.” – Yana Gaykov, LCSW

“This is a life-changing event.” -Teresa

“Time spent with Yolanda …has been profound and transformative personally and professionally…” -Ella Kreydina, LCSW

“For me, I want to live fully into my potential and know my time here is limited. What I received from the guidance of Yolanda is a priceless gift to me. If your seeking self wants to pack 20 years of self-learning into three days, I highly recommend this experience.”

– Joe Stumpf