Books on Psychology & Spirituality

Yolanda’s two books on psychology and spirituality were inspired by her 35-year career as a psychotherapist and her study of Meher Baba’s teachings.

This book, borne from a dialogue between two close friends, offers unique answers to two age-old questions: Why am I still lonely? Why does nothing I do dissipate this longing I sometimes feel? Drawing on Sufi and Christian concepts, the teachings of Meher Baba, the Theory of Psychology of the Selves, and their own lived experience, Yolanda and Renate take the reader on an unforgettable journey of self-discovery. By journey’s end, the world does not appear the same. A new awareness of the fundamental causes of loneliness unleash untapped inner resources. As the authors have found, the creativity of the heart offers a way to make use of the existential predicament of human longing.

“…Bringing together their rich backgrounds in psychotherapy and mysticism, Yolanda Koumidou and Renate Moritz have created a clear, incisive, and easy-to-read guide to their own joint psycho-spiritual explorations…This is a book well worth reading and we would hope you enjoy the gift it carries!”

– Hal Stone, PhD, and Sidra Stone, PhD, authors of Embracing Our Selves

“This book is amazing. In a very concise form it answers one of the most essential existential questions of mankind: Why are so many people haunted by feelings of loneliness and longing, even if they live in a satisfying relationship, are professionally successful and seem to lack nothing that is considered necessary for a ‘happy life’?…”

– Stephan Schuhmacher, author of Zen in Plain English


The Diet Know More program goes well beyond the traditional as well as the newest fads and approaches to weight goals…The program provides opportunities for great physical fitness and emotional balance and increased body-spirit connection. A rigorous process of awareness, acceptance and action that provides results. Hope is alive again.

“We are delighted with the remarkable program that Yolanda has organized…She has designed here this most creative program utilizing our work as well as many other products of her long work as a psychotherapist. Be prepared for what could be the most exciting journey of your life.” 

– Hal Stone, PhD and Sidra Stone, PhD, authors and creators of the Voice Dialogue method

“…As a physician who is passionate about preventive health, what struck me was that the program aims right at the heart of the problem of overeating and is geared towards overcoming the psychological triggers that cause this problem…I very highly recommend it.”

– Lygia D’sa, M.D., Internal Medicine 


Poetry Collections

Her poetry collections express unfolding inner landscapes, much like a public private journal. Yolanda says, “Poetry is part of my psychic fingerprint. All other work I do has its source in the insights revealed by the poems that come to me.” 

To read a poem in this collection, the poet’s sixth, is to bear witness to that moment of unveiling. It is, possibly, an uncomfortable moment. A dazzling glimpse of what is usually hidden. Or it might be deeply comforting, conveying a premonition, a hint, of unspeakable truth. Seldom are words such gifts.

Each poem here offers a rare chance. For the softening of radical transformation. For the small deaths that make larger life possible.

For being in between.

“Yolanda Koumidou gave a poetry reading at Sheriar Books and all present were taken by the simultaneous depth and simplicity of her poems. Often times, the listeners would request to hear the poem read again and again. These poems are most definitely spiritual in nature, specifically, they are about the inner journey and the lessons learned along the path.”

– Laura Smith, member of the Board of Directors of Sheriar Foundation and Manager of Sheriar Books

“The thought-provoking poems communicate powerful emotions with such few words, they capture the very essence of an observation, an idea, a feeling, as only poetry can. Koumidou’s deeply personal poems are timely and timeless, resonating with an authenticity fans of poetry should not miss…”

– Eleni Sakellis on Koumidou’s reading of the book at Poets House in NYC, published in The National Herald (Vol. 22, Issue 1123)


Merciless Path speaks to the soul’s predicament; Veiled but present. It describes the soul’s journey through seemingly endless loops, its darkest days – no complaints however, but patients of a big format. These poems speak of a spirituality found daily, where separating the noise from the sound must take place, to find the trail back to God.

A Flock of Birds
Have you watched, ever,
A flock of birds on the move
Having the open sky for a stage
To a poorly or is it perfectly choreographed dance?
I am watching it now.
Those unpredictable turns
Those sudden changes in direction
Something about this feels familiar
Something about this resembles
The “in-practical”, often “inconvenient” Directions received
Once I Tune to You.
Whenever I decide to follow them,
They always lead
Where I need to be
But never
Where I wanted to go.

No wonder I don’t tune in often 



Veiled Soul is a two-part poetry collection. Part I contains verses honoring the Soul. Part II describes its Veils; how our various states of being, such as desires, the mind and emotions distract, delay and prevent us from experiencing the perfection of our Soul-State which is unified with all life.