Renting Quietude for your Forest Yoga and Meditation Retreats


If you are a yoga studio owner, enrich your studio’s offerings and bring your yogis and/or meditators to our open spaces at the 70-acre Quietude upstate New York.

If you are a yogi, tell your studio’s owner about our outdoor spaces at the 70-acre Quietude upstate New York.

Special bonus at no extra cost to you: Yolanda Koumidou-Vlesmas will offer a seminar from her series, Un-Balancing Heart and Mind during your retreat.


The remote valleys are picture-perfect spaces for Forest Yoga and Meditation.

The Louse Kill Creek’s bubbling stream adds a rhythmical background for a wholesome yoga experience.

The still waters of the Babalanda Pond offer silence, rest, inspiration, and unadulterated space for meditation.

The 6-acre unspoiled natural Spiral offers an opportunity for walking meditation, mantra or silent walk and other creative expressions.


Rent Quietude for weeklong (5-7days), weekend (3days), a day (6hrs), half day (3hrs) or per hour.

The first step is a phone consultation with Yolanda Koumidou-Vlesmas. During this contact you describe your program and group and receive feedback how and if our space is conducive to your needs. If you wish, you are also invited to visit us prior to your commitment to rent Quietude.

The second step is when a retreat is scheduled. When you decide to rent the Quietude, and the date is set, you send in the Registration and Disclaimer of Responsibility forms, accompanied by full payment. All you participants must sign the Disclaimer of Responsibility form. We must receive this form prior to them arriving at the Quietude.


You and/or your participants may pitch a tent or park RVs in our property for a minimal fee or stay in a nearby Airbnb or Inn.