International Retreats

You place yourself in a perfect setting, removed from distraction, to contemplate on the shape and direction your life is taking. You will experience a mixture of inward reflection and surprising adventure.

Meeting you where you are, with your challenges, concerns, pain, or confusion,
we get to the root of the obstacles blocking your progress.
Through psychological-spiritual experiential activities, you transcend to the next level of your inner journey.

The process is the same structure as the Individual Retreat except that international retreat involves travel. You chose the country and time of travel.

During the three-day retreat we work every other day to allow you space for rest, sightseeing and immersion in the culture visited. This brings the length of the retreat to one week.

Surrounded by the beauty of the world, your retreat will be facilitated by the warm, trustworthy, intuitive, and grounded presence of Yolanda Koumidou-Vlesmas.

You are responsible for making the accommodation and flight arrangements and carrying that expense for yourself and the facilitator.

Is an International Retreat right for me?

It’s important to determine if a retreat is right for you. The right timing is crucial for a successful retreat experience.

The first step is a FREE twenty-minute phone consultation with Yolanda Koumidou-Vlesmas. During this contact you share your main concern and receive feedback how and if the retreats will meet your current needs.

The second step is to schedule the two-hour evaluation, in-person or virtual. Your concerns, goals, and readiness for the retreat will be explored. By the end of the evaluation, it will become clear whether it will be beneficial to schedule a retreat or to stop at the evaluation level. If you stop at this level, you will take with you a concrete map of where you are at, where you need to go and a guide as to what modalities will get you there.

The third step is when a retreat is scheduled. When you decide to participate in a retreat and the date is set, you send in the Registration and Disclaimer of Responsibility forms, accompanied by full payment. Soon after, you will receive our ‘16 Practices’ handout and accommodations information.



“This was an experience of a lifetime…The peace and serenity I felt, working and playing with Yolanda and this incredible group of women during the week, was a spiritual lifesaver for me. Surrounded by Nature’s beauty and the gentleness of the people around me, my heart and soul were revived. I will forever remain thankful for the opportunity and ability to be a part of this retreat.” -RR

“The retreat was a mixture of deep work and surprising adventure. Lead by Yolanda Koumidou, an insightful therapist and teacher, the retreat was an experience of a lifetime…” – Janet N.

“Traveling to India with Yolanda was a memorable experience for me…Yolanda’s program was excellent and seamlessly woven into our daily adventures…I was surprised how safe and intimate our small group felt to me within a very short period of time, considering we did not know each other before the trip…it was a great journey, combining exotic travel and personal growth in one incredible adventure. This was my first traveling retreat with Yolanda and I am looking forward to others in the future.” -Ana

“This retreat is an opportunity to be able to use all your five senses…Yolanda can create an atmosphere for awareness, change and growth. It is an experience of a lifetime.” – Barbara

“This is my 6th International Retreat with Yolanda… My awareness has grown leaps and bounds…Yolanda has such intuitive energy and her insight on how one operates through life is amazing. Her ability to confront others to create more awareness for them, how she connects with each individual is one of the greatest gifts I have received…that money can’t buy

and we go home richer with knowledge of ourselves and how we operate in this world. Yolanda is the only person I know who has such ability and gifts to run retreats like these…” – Annie

“The retreat was an eye opening adventure that challenged me to look deep inside myself…Do not miss this adventure.” -Jim