Why Awareness Sucks

Awareness, by itself, does not do life or enable expansion. 

It can increase pain:


When we become aware how we could have avoided painful situations in the past, we often become angry at ourselves because we didn’t act differently. We become angry with ourselves because “we should have known better”.  


–Decreases patience, brings disappointment 

Becoming aware of what needs to improve in the world, what can bring world or inner peace, what causes us emotional, psychological, or spiritual pain, can raise our impatience because awareness leads to immediate desire for “change” to eliminate uncomfortable, at times, painful feelings.  But of course, we cannot accomplish what we desire at the timeframe and way we desire it, and this brings disappointment.  

Awareness rarely moves in the same pace as expansion, or our desire to expand.


Inner criticism, putting ourselves down, is experienced when we are fully aware of an existing unpleasant situation and yet we sit, observing ourselves repeating the same old patterns.  



Those of us with strong logical minds and with strong pusher/doer dominant personalities are particularly confused when there is no change, despite being fully aware of how to change. 

–The belief that we are better than others, feeding our pride and the “know it all” part of us.   

Then is the case of becoming aware of information and facts, feeding our pride and sense of being superior to others with this amazing awareness of ours and, of course, we are always ready to disperse this “enlightenment” at every opportunity, impressing others.  This pattern adds layers on to our self-importance based on awareness, without evidence that we, ourselves, are ready or able to “walk the walk”.

–It is exhausting being aware

The two major obstacles in transcending awareness

Despite the limitations mentioned above, awareness remains the first, most significant step for any chance to self-advancement, expansion, and betterment, which might bring happiness and love our way. However, awareness does not automatically move into action. Why is that? 

Until we recognize and begin to handle the two major obstacles for such a shift, awareness stations itself in our mind and heart and hardly moves beyond these intellectual and emotional stations. 

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